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Guess what bitches, I’m writing a book!! And guess who doesn’t believe me… YOU!! And why is that? Because I deserve it, that’s why lol. I am such a flake with writing because I allow my depression to eat me alive constantly, then use my other charming personality trait addiction to “get out” of my depression (which obviously never works), so I get depressed again because I’m in active addiction again, and the circus continues. I never write when I say I’m going to write, even though I promise I will. So yes, I deserve your eye rolls in disbelief, but this time I’m REALLY writing a book, and the best part is it’ll be done in a few weeks!!

I’m sticking with it this time because instead of pretending I have my shit together and writing about how I’ve figured everything out, I’m just accepting the dumpster fire piece of shit that I am, and writing about that. I’m basically attempting to write my way out of my depression in the book, in real-time, and bringing you along with me. Maybe you’re also a mess and we can be messes together and figure out shit out, together!!

By the end of the year my book will be out and available for you to further pollute your mind with more of my senseless nonsense you didn’t know you needed; you’re welcome!! That is my gift to you lol.

Also, let me tell you something right now… if I actually get my shit together enough to finish writing a fucking BOOK and you don’t read it, I’m gunna be so mad hahaha because what are the odds the biggest train wreck you know manages to sit still for long enough to accomplish anything – let alone writing an entire book – you better read it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!