Welcome to my delightfully fucked up head and the constant stream of word vomit that, unfortunately for everyone on the internet, pours out of my brain and into this blog!! Your experience here might be a little confusing, and if you value your sanity, I would close your browser now and escape while you still can.

But if you’re still reading this, hello!! And thanks for playing “I wonder what’s wrong with this girl” every time you come here; I hope you enjoy this dumpster fire as much as I do!!


  • A whole bunch of shit nobody asked for
  • Sex stories, porn stories, and drug stories I’ll probably get arrested for sharing publicly
  • My delusional perspective on life that’s way too psychedelic not to be problematic
  • All kinds of advice I’m not qualified to give
  • Play-by-play breakdowns of the existential crisis I’m constantly experiencing
  • Horrifically self-deprecating humor
  • Plus… way too much information about the intimate details of my life that no one deserves, but I’m going to give to you anyway

Please share this blog… if you want, I don’t know, do whatever you want. But I think it will keep me motivated if everyone on earth reads it because maybe my struggles can someone out there, but more importantly, I’m an attention whore, and I need attention. ALSO, I’M JOKING ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING; DON’T TAKE ANYTHING I SAY SERIOUSLY, OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MIND HERE AND PROBABLY SUE ME. THANK YOU.

P.s. I’m not proofreading or editing anything, so get fucked grammar police… I do what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry (but not really) in advance,

Kissa Sins
Gonzo Journalist & Professional Masochist

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