I don’t know how to start this so I’m just going to fucking start lol. My name is Coyote and I recently sorta quit my job and sold everything I own and am now traveling the world solo, aimlessly chasing my wanderlust in an attempt to understand myself and the meaning of life. HAHA how existential crisis did that sound? Am I ok lol? I’ve been a pornstar for the last 5 years and as much as I loved it, I completed the goals that I set for myself in my career and as soon as I did, my mind crashed my life into a wall and is now forcing me to go truly find myself. It’s like I’m not even driving the car… my subconscious is, I was happy in my life but my mind had other plans. I have always been told and felt like I was destined for “something bigger” but I have no idea what that means???? I guess I’m looking for the answer to that too. I am lucky enough to have people in my life who love me enough to know that I have to follow my journey and even though I know it’s hard that I’m gone for months at a time. I love them very much!! I just gotta go explore!! My existential crisis is calling!!

I want to share my journey with you here and use this blog like a diary so you just all officially became my therapists lol. My blog will never be written in perfect grammar as I do not edit what I write and would prefer you to read it as I would speak it rather than some diluted, edited version of what I really mean.

Anyone still with me?